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2024 State of Travel & Hospitality Buyer's Journey

A travel & tourism marketer's handbook for content in context.

As the travel and tourism industry rebounds and transforms in a digital-first era, staying ahead of the curve is essential for marketers. The 2024 State of Travel and Hospitality Buyer’s Journey eBook offers valuable insights and strategies to effectively engage modern travelers, allowing them to book their next vacation with confidence.

What’s inside: 

  • Seven groundbreaking trends that are shaping consumer purchasing behavior in 2024
  • The truth behind the traditional travel customer journey funnel and the new, nonlinear path travelers take when making their vacation plans
  • How marketers are using a content in context strategy to capture attention and drive higher conversion rates on their website 
  • And more!

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Travel Buyers' Focus and Attention is a Precious Commodity

If the web experience is clunky or if the content isn’t useful, 81% of web visitors will leave a travel booking site before they confirm a purchase, according to SalesCycle.

Pop Culture Wanderlust Inspires Travel Bookings

Inspiration for travel does span beyond digital and social content. Travelers are booking trips based on pinnacle pop culture moments and trending streaming TV series (think Emily in Paris, Yellowstone, or White Lotus!).