Reimagine the customer journey. One piece of content at a time.

Put the most effective and relevant content from any channel in front of site visitors to convert faster.

Reuse your high-performing brand content right over your website to optimize conversions!


Create powerful moments with your site visitors.

Transform static website elements into high-value opportunities to increase engagement, time on site, and purchase intent.

Reimagine content that exists on its own — social media videos, case studies, eBooks, podcasts, product specs, blogs — on your website to answer FAQs, highlight key product features, and help site visitors over mental hurdles to buy with confidence

Turn text into action with


Place content directly over highlighted text on your website to transform regular, stationary copy into high-value interactive experiences.

  • Add more context without more text
  • Style highlights to be on brand
  • Animate highlights to catch the eye
Slide in helpful content with


Push perfectly planned interactions – down to the specific <div> – not on page load. 

  • Deliver the right content at the right time with Hovr’s patented Slide Triggers.
  • Select the exact website element to time content deployment on hover.
  • Plan perfectly paired content to slide out right when you want them.


Easily drag & drop anchors to showcase windows into your existing content, pulled in through TikTok, Youtube, Spotify, IG Stories, & more. You can customize anchors to be any color, shape, size or icon you desire to maximize conversions.

Hack the customer journey with

Engagement insights

Get insights from your website interactions to fuel exceptional user experiences.

  • Track real-time visitor insights on every event curated on site and see top performing touch points in a single view.
  • Make informed decisions on high-performing touch points.
  • Adjust, optimize, and launch Moments in seconds without the need for developer resources.

The digital marketing tool you always knew you needed.

Think outside the Video Player

It’s more than embedded or shoppable video. Anchor any kid of content from social or digital channesl on your site.

Drag and drop

Use our on-site editor to Hovr your content where it’s most meaningful for site visitors.

No code

Publish and adjust your content Hovrs in seconds. No developers or IT implementation required.

Built for Marketers

Hovr has you covered; we’re secure, reliable, and SEO-friendly off the shelf! GDPR/CCPA/ADA compliant.

Deliver relevant, personalized, and highly-engaging brand content.

No-Code solution

Deploy changes to content or CTA’s in seconds not weeks or months, and without developers.

Power to the marketer

Empower your non-technical marketing team to build, measure and optimize Hovr journeys.

Secure & trusted

Hovr is GDPR, CCPA, & SOC-2 monitored. Security, performance, and reliability are baked in.


Hovr is designed to keep site visitors on site longer, reduce bounce rates, and drive sales.

Hovr delivers more than audio & video!

Hovr can deliver any digital brand content (PDF’s, URL redirects, blogs, etc.)

Case studies

Highlight customer use cases that move site visitors to a purchase.

White papers

Share reports to help site visitors understand your brand’s products.


Enable instant PDF downloads to further education of your brand.

Press releases

Push announcements about your company and new products instantly.

Product specs

Educate visitors on product dimensions, specs, & more.


Drop recent media and content to keep visitors engaged & updated.

...and this is just the beginning.
Patented Martech tool

Need more sales? Can you drag & drop? Then Hovr is right for you!

Drop valuable content from storage or socials directly in front of site visitors when they need it most.

Your content, delivered

Reuse brand content from socials or storage.

Beautiful on all screens.

Hovr is optimized for all screen sizes & types.

Can't code? We got you.

Finally the no-code solution you’ll love.

Deploy changes in seconds.

Bypass developers and push changes instantly.

Start creating Hovr journeys in just minutes!

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